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About Jake

Jake Panasevich is a health science journalist and a yoga and wellness expert for the US News. 

He leverages his access to world-renowned researchers to apply evidence based medicine to a yoga practice.

He’s interviewed many of the NIH funded principal investigators at universities, and discussed health topics at length with the leading researchers in integrative medicine.

And, Jake's become an ambassador for research-driven lifestyle science. 


As a former collegiate wrestler, Jake came to yoga with major injuries, chronic low-back and joint pain, he was overweight and very inflexible. He was getting headaches all the time, he couldn’t sleep which led to a lack of motivation and a depleted physical and mental state. 

Then a friend dragged him to his first yoga class, and it changed the trajectory of his life completely. He lost 40 pounds within the first 8 weeks, his chronic pain subsided and he felt more motivated and alive than ever before.


Jake’s completed 5 yoga teacher trainings, a lifestyle science training and 8 years of on-going yoga therapeutics training. He is most passionate and knowledgeable at helping those who are starting like he did — inexperienced, inflexible and injured, to first get out of debilitating pain, and then to take their health to a whole new level. 

Jake began writing for the U.S. News in 2014, focusing on the practical benefits and applications of yoga and mindfulness. Jake teaches yoga to men and professional athletes including those on the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Phillies and The Philadelphia Union. 

Jake is featured as a yoga and health expert in publications including NPR, Business Insider, Harvard Medical School, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, Yoga International, HuffPost Live, Origin Magazine, ABC Philadelphia, Be Well Philly and The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Jake developed a style of yoga that is accessible to men and those who are most inflexible and injured. He is known for his unwavering passion and efficient approach to heal, inspire and advance students. Jake also leads weekly yoga sessions for more than 150 men in Philadelphia. 

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jake received his degree in journalism from The University of Pittsburgh, where he also competed as a wrestler. Jake finished five yoga teacher trainings and has more than eight years of yoga therapeutics education. 

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