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Yoga for Athletic Teams

There is no questioning the fact that yoga is an effective practice for all athletes. Many of the world’s best athletes practice yoga. From LeBron James to Tom Brady and teams in nearly every sport find benefit practicing yoga.

Jake works with pro athletes like those in the NFL, MLS and MLB. He also teaches youth, high school and college teams. Stretching isn’t enough to get an edge anymore. How you stretch, breathe, develop subtle strength, healthy mobility, become mentally fit and grounded makes all the difference in how you perform on game day.

Ashtanga Yoga

Every athlete and sport is different, and their yoga regimen should be tailored for the physical demands of their specific sport. Injury history, range of motion and individual goals should all be taken into account. Jake develops his yoga programs to the individual athletes and teams to get the most out of their yoga practice.

Yoga Mat

If you’re ready to :

  • Be pain-free and get the most out of your workouts and your body.

  • Move more fluidly and develop a better economy of movement.

  • Get scary strong in subtle ways most traditional workouts miss.

  • Have great mobility that affords you a better range of motion.

  • Become mentally prepared to perform at your best on game-day.

  • Calm down, get grounded and be confident in your abilities.

  • Avoid injury and stop getting sidelined.

  • Win more and progress as an athlete. 

Then you are going to want to practice yoga with Jake.

Reach out to Jake directly at and he will build a yoga program that works. 

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