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Yoga for Dudes: Advanced Workshop Series



I was injured, out of shape and heavy.  After six weeks of practicing yoga, I lost 40 pounds, felt light in my body and mind, and, for the first time in years — pain-free.

However, as I continued, a few major set-backs happened:


   1. I stopped making progress, and I got bored.

The teacher looked at me and said that because I am a muscular (bigger) guy, there’s certain things that I just won’t be able to do. This felt completely diminishing and the opposite of empowering.  I’ve since accomplished these poses and have advanced far beyond them.

   2. I hurt myself by practicing a very physical and repetitive style of yoga that did not focus on form or safety.

I learned bad habits that were much harder to break than if I had learned them correctly the first time.

   3. I was comparing myself with those around me.

Due to the nature of the class, and my surroundings, I pushed myself beyond what was healthy trying to keep-up with my fellow students. Most of which were professional dancers or yoga teachers themselves.  


I want to save you the trouble of having to go through a lot of annoying pain and save you from future troubles by getting your poses right - the first time.

If you’ve thought about trying yoga, but we’re hesitant about hurting yourself, or thought you were too tight or were worried about it being awkward — it could, and most likely is a fair assumption.


Try my online Yoga For Dudes series and it will solve all of these concerns for you!

  • Zero experience required.

  • Clear injuries and get out of pain.

  • Get lean, strong and flexible — like a fighter! Not bulky. 

  • Get insider tips and tricks to advance — specifically for guys.

  • Learn good alignment your FIRST time trying yoga.

  • Slow it down and make sure you’re safe.

  • Great for those who are extremely tight.

  • You don’t need any props.

  • Have fun!

Guys need to approach yoga through a very specific set of steps to prevent injuries and to develop flexibility, strength, skills and overall health.

Guys are just different.  We’re generally not as bendy or graceful as most of the 20-year-old women who walk into a yoga class. 

When you are one of the few, maybe even the only guy in a packed yoga class, it is nearly impossible to follow the teacher's instruction. This makes it very easy to hurt yourself while attempting to keep-up with the class. Besides that, it could feel embarrassing. While we might not want to admit it, it’s not comfortable being “the worst one” at something in front of a room of women.

There’s a certain way to approach yoga for men that uses their strengths as leverage to open up their bodies efficiently.

You have to practice these poses safely and correctly.

Guys need to approach yoga through a very specific set of steps to prevent injuries and to advance in developing flexibility, strength, skills and overall health.

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