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Are Saunas Good for You?

DAN GABLE IS PROBABLY one of the most successful wrestlers that's ever lived. He won the wrestling world championships in 1971 and an Olympic gold in 1972 at the games in Munich, Germany. Gable was perfect in his campaign to Olympic gold, by not only winning, but also completely dismantling his opponents without surrendering a single point. For the non-wrestlers, this would be like winning the Super Bowl and not allowing a team to score a single point along the way. Or winning the World Series and throwing back-to-back no hitters.

As a coach at the University of Iowa, Gable led his wrestlers – the Iowa Hawkeyes – to 15 National Collegiate Athletic Association Wrestling Team titles and 25 consecutive Big Ten Championships. He coached 152 All-Americans, 45 National Champions, 106 Big Ten Champions and 12 Olympians, including eight medalists.

The 72-year-old wrestling legend now lives north of Iowa City, Iowa. Here, he shares his secret to working through adversity and finding success both on and off the mat. It's a tool anyone can use: the sauna.

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