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Self-Massage for Nerve Pain

Kerrie Bodendorf had back pain ever since she could remember. At age 30, she also developed debilitating sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. The pain that resonated down her leg would force her to sit and slide down stairs one step at a time. She even feared leaving the house because, at any point, she might not be able to walk. This led to severe anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

Bodendorf finally found relief from her pain not by focusing on her back, but instead, by massaging and rolling her feet.

In 2010, Bodendorf discovered MELT (myofascial energetic length technique), a gentle self-care practice that uses soft massage balls to lightly roll your feet in a specific sequence of movements. She practiced for 10 minutes, three to four times a week for three weeks. She found significant improvements in pain was able to walk pain-free again. She even was able to add exercise and movement to her routine, something that she didn’t believe would ever be possible.

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