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Yoga Nidra: Help With Sleep and Anxiety

Insomnia, smoking and sugar consumption were struggles that caused 50-year-old Allan Cox to feel restless and unhealthy. Then he started a yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, practice. Within several months, he felt more calm and started sleeping better, which led him to naturally eliminate his unhealthy behaviors.

He says that yoga nidra provides a relaxation skill set that makes him self-aware and less impulsive. Cox, a librarian from Canton, New York, generally does a 45-minute yoga nidra, twice a week to keep him on course.

"As far as stress reduction, that hour and a half a week gives me just as much benefit, probably more, than exercise does," says Cox. "Some days are not that easy, but I'm able to create a calmness, and I attribute that to yoga nidra."

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